Dr. Schofield has a clinical faculty appointment at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and she is involved with medical student education.  This means that occasionally you may be asked if you are willing to be seen by a student. Most patients enjoy working with students and their involvement often leads to improvement in quality of care due to the amount of time they are able to spend with patients.  However, we will always ask for your verbal consent to meet with our students and you should always feel comfortable declining to work with students. If you do agree to be seen by a student, you will never be charged for your time spent with him or her, nor the time Dr. Schofield spends discussing your case with students.  Having students at the Center for Multisystem Disease helps our mission to increase education and awareness of the diseases we treat as our students will go on to educate their fellow students about these diseases as well as residents, fellows and faculty physicians they work with during their subsequent training.