Dr Schofield has single handedly saved my life. After 5+ years of being bed ridden and seeing 30 doctors and with no change in my health, I found Dr Schofield through lots of time and research. She diagnosed me correctly and started me on a life saving therapy. She is utterly brilliant and has a heart of gold. She is changing peoples lives and giving them a second chance. I am forever indebted to her. She truly cares about each one of her patients and gives them the time the deserve, something you rarely see in the medical field. I have my life back because of her!!



After thousands of wasted dollars, hundreds of tests, dozens of doctors, and years with absolutely nothing to show...I can finally day I found answers with Dr Schofield. Words cannot Express how truly thankful I am to have my life back and feel as if I can actually live and enjoy the world. She gave me so much hope and not only answered what was going in with me, but how to begin to fix it. I can't recommend her and her amazing staff enough, beyond worth every penny. Thank you!



Dr. Schofield’s knowledge of these debilitating diseases is profound. She has changed me and my daughter’s quality of life with her treatments. She has a wonderful demeanor and I always look forward to my appointment with her. She remains my most important doctor on my team.

-MM, Evergreen, CO.


After several years of being ill and losing jobs because of my days out being sick, Dr. Schofield put all of my symptoms together and confirmed with laboratory tests my diagnosis of Hughes Syndrome (APS). Since being under Dr. Schofield's care, she has prescribed two medications for me which have resolved most of my symptoms -- headaches, fatigue, leg cramps, etc. and now I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!  Dr. Schofield is a compassionate and caring physician who seems attend to her patients’ needs 24/7.

-BE, Centennial, CO

Having names and reasons to explain the host of symptoms after having been doubted, dismissed and given up on over the past 16 years is EVERYTHING!  And when she said, “So, what are you going to do when you get your life back?” Well that was the first time I’ve ever dared to dream of having one in years.  With those 13 words, she has gifted me with relief, sanity, vivacity, confidence, optimism, a sense of purpose and so much more. Friends and family noticed a physical change in how I carry myself and my attitude.  Even though we so far have only answers and not solutions, things are dramatically better. Even the prospect of having a life worth living and the assistance to get there: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-KR, Littleton, CO

I was bedridden 3 years prior to receiving care from Dr Schofield, and now am starting to resume normalcy after 8 months of immunotherapy.

-JR, Thornton, CO


Dr. Schofield is an intelligent, caring, physician that took the time to LISTEN and cared enough to check out treatments that helped me get out of my wheelchair and bed and back into life. At my last appointment with her, she celebrated with me over my BP and heart rate staying in the normal range and said this is why she went into medicine, to make a difference and she certainly has done that for many patients.

-CR, Colorado Springs, CO

After sixteen years of being doubted, dismissed, and given up on, I, too, wanted to give up. My multitude of disparate symptoms had caused my health to deteriorate to the point where I was largely bedridden and lacking evidence that things would ever improve. Enter Dr. Schofield.  Brilliant and forward thinking, she immediately validated my symptoms, both by truly listening to, and believing my history and by running the tests that other doctors don’t even know to run. As Dr. Schofield explains, one of the challenges in diagnosing autoimmune diseases is how much antibody levels can fluctuate, leading to false negatives. But where so many doctors see a negative result and give up, Dr. Schofield—(rightly) confident in her experience and expertise—fills with resolve. After understanding my history, she worked through four negative blood tests until the truth finally surfaced in my labs. While Dr. Schofield knew the right treatment all along, it was an imperative data point to justify treatment approval from insurance companies. (And that was just for one of my diagnoses!). That patience and insight into the complicated nature of the poorly understood conditions she treats is what sets Dr. Schofield apart. And then she shares that insight with her patients, allowing them to be active, informed participants in their treatment—often sharing easy-to-understand literature or her computer screen as she works in concert with her patients to come up with a plan that works for them.  Of course this wouldn’t be as meaningful if she didn’t get results. Despite a caseload of difficult to treat patients, Dr. Schofield gets results. I have multiple diseases where the gold standard of treatment is contraindicated by another one of my conditions. Unfazed, Dr. Schofield developed a plan that has my health continuously improving. “Whoa, I couldn’t have done this two months ago,” is a tired but exhilarating staple of my lexicon. Currently this speaks to preparing applications for law school, self-assured that I’ll be able to attend and thrive.  

-KB, Denver, CO

Like many POTS patients, our 12-year-old daughter was told she has many things wrong with her over several years, but never with the correct diagnosis.  The only doctor we found that knew what POTS was was a cardiologist, but he refused to treat our daughter because she was under 18. When we thought our only child was on her way to dying, it was Dr. Jill Schofield who was not only willing to treat her, but she figured out five diagnoses all in a single day.  Our entire family’s lives changed that day. We knew challenges were on the way, but she taught us how to battle them. Dr. Schofield is dedicated to the wellness of her patients like no other doctor I have ever seen. She genuinely cares about her patients and wants to see them thrive. She has spent hours with my young daughter treating her like a sane human being and has spent hours on the phone and by email with me, both teaching and calming me as we learned what flares and neuropathy pain looked like.  In addition to having a list of dysautonomia-related diagnoses that seem to come as a package, my daughter had one more hurdle to get past in 2016. She was involved in a horrible rollover car accident on the interstate that left her with four pelvis breaks after she was partially rolled over on by the vehicle. When she was in the hospital being worked on by a team of doctors that didn’t understand anything at all about all the diagnoses I was telling them. I emailed Dr. Schofield. She was out of the country on vacation and was supposed to be unreachable.  Dr. Schofield not only responded immediately, she took the time to email a treatment plan to our local doctors to prevent further injury to my daughter. Any POTS patient knows that not exercising is the worst thing possible, but exercising is difficult to do when you are in a wheelchair. Dr. Schofield worked with us and developed a game plan to try to minimize the impending flare we knew would be coming and gave our daughter and us hope that she would get through it. She never saw the flare we thought she would because of Dr. Schofield’s concern, wisdom and diligence.  Her hunger for learning and pioneering new methods of diagnosing and treating go beyond any doctor we have ever personally met or been blessed to work with. Having a large number of diagnoses along with POTS causes new and sometimes scary symptoms to occasionally occur. We know that as they happen, Dr. Schofield will be there to give us the best and newest methods of treatment and she is always willing to teach us, coach us and calm us. This peace of mind is something that is priceless to us. She is the Physician of the Decade to our family.

-EC, Wyoming

I have been to 13 Rheumatologists and Neurologists in the UK, US and Thailand. After two years of searching, I finally found someone who put the answer together.

-ST, United Kingdom


We live in South Dakota and have been to Denver Childrens, Mayo Rochester, Children's Wisconsin and too many others to count with our son looking for answers to his complex medical condition—each helped some, but we did not have a full answer or an effective treatment plan until he started seeing Dr. Schofield. She is truly amazing and one-of-a-kind and is the only doctor who was successful at diagnosing and then treating all of the pieces of his condition--autoimmune, EDS and dysautonomia. Thanks to her, our son is now seeing functional improvements that are permiting him to have a good life.  We feel blessed to be able to receive care from her.

-RK, South Dakota


Dr. Jill is an Amazing doctor who really cares about her patients!  My daughter’s whole life has changed since meeting Dr. Jill! She saved my little girl’s life!  My daughter is 10 years old and was having multiple strokes, DVTs, migraines, TIAs, in a wheelchair, having vasculitis issues, bad neuropathy, etc., then we found Dr. Jill. She knew exactly what we needed to do to get my girl better.  She got her on the right treatment plan, spent time explaining to us what steps we need to take and now my daughter has her life back.  She no longer has neuropathy pain, numbness or weakness, only one TIA in the last couple months, no longer needs her wheelchair, vasculitis has almost resolved and my child can run around and play with her friends like a girl should!  I’m so thankful to have found such a loving doctor. She is in our hearts forever.

-JW, Florissant, CO

Dr. Schofield's treatment changed my life in the two appointments I was lucky enough to have with her. I went from being bedridden for years with every doctor telling me they have no idea what is wrong with me, to being able to have a normally functioning life and getting ready to begin a PhD program.

-SI, Highlands Ranch, CO


Dr. Schofield is THE BEST doctor I have ever met. I was so thankful that I would no longer have to travel back and forth to Arizona Mayo Clinic for mediocre care. Dr. Schofield has improved my dysautonomia in such a way that I am now able to be alone for short periods of time (this was a huge goal for me), walk for short periods, etc.  I am also now pregnant, which I never thought possible or even attainable with this condition.  I owe my life to her.

-BT, Broomfield, CO

For several years I saw my sister go to doctor after doctor trying to find answers. Many had no explanation at all for her many symptoms. That all changed over a year ago, when my sister had her first appointment with Dr. Schofield. For the first time, answers and hope were provided.

-MC, Texas


I am a former health magazine editor, writer and researcher who has been suffering with autoimmune disease for nearly 40 years. Since my brother and his family live in the Denver area, Colorado is a second home for me. I was so happy and relieved to discover that Dr. Schofield was treating APS at the University of Colorado. When my appointment arrived I was so impressed with Dr. Schofield and with her command of the field of rheumatology and APS. She discovered I had a secondary APS antibody that had never been tested for before. With this positive test result, many of the neurological symptoms that I had been suffering from on and off since the 1980s were explained. (It is my feeling as a patient that neurological autoimmune disease isn’t very well understood.) Furthermore, I was put on anticoagulation therapy, which has been a Godsend, and a much better alternative than the of higher doses of prednisone or DMARDs, which may or may not have worked, but would certainly have harsh side effects. Dr. Schofield impressed me with her familiarity with the most recent research in her area, that she explained things to me without talking down to me, and that she seemed to be genuinely concerned with me, and listened to my concerns and my complex history. She also promised to be available for any of my doctors in New York who would like to speak to her.

-AE, New York

I have been a patient of Dr Schofield for almost a year. 19 years prior to meeting her I had a baby die, another premature baby who barely made it and several episodes of POTS and dysautonomia. I had no idea (neither did any doctor I saw) that I had antiphosphoslipid syndrome despite having 3 catastrophic clotting episodes. It was Dr. Schofield that ran all the tests and worked very hard with me to get everything under control. I began IVIG in June and since then I have not had any more dysautonomia symptoms.

-MM, Arvada, CO

I have been battling the effects of dysautonomia since I was 7 years old when I collapsed for the first time in the middle of my elementary school hallway. Since then, I have seen more than 20 specialists that have misdiagnosed and mistreated my health issues. Dr. Schofield was not only the first doctor to understand the battle I face everyday, but also understand exactly how each medicine affects me and has substantially increased my quality of life. I have never found another doctor who has helped me in this way.

-DR, Denver, CO


I have been struggling to get adequate treatment for POTS for almost a year. I waited 6 months for an appointment with Dr. Jill Schofield. I had been to so many specialists by the time I was scheduled to see her, I admittedly had low expectations. I was proven wrong.  She is the first doctor who has been able to help me on my road to recovery. Meeting with her was a literal light in a sea of dark hopelessness.

-LP, Arvada, CO


Approximately 7 years ago our daughter went from being a vibrant person to barely being able to get out of bed or stand up in a shower due to her deteriorating health, with no definitive answers. She was forced to give up her job as an RN which she had loved doing for 13 years. After 6 years of trying to get answers, we were blessed beyond measure to find Dr. Schofield who knew all the right tests to run, quickly coming up with a diagnosis and treatment plan of blood thinners and IVIG, to name a few, which has significantly improved her health and ability to function, put her blood work back into normal range and given her a life again. Dr. Schofield is a brilliant doctor who is helping so many just like our daughter.

-DS, Centennial, CO

Dr. Schofield has been a Godsend. I was very sick, confined to a reclining wheelchair because I couldn't be upright for more than about 2 minutes. She didn't give up until she figured out what was going on with me. I have dysautonomia and Dr. Schofield found that I have antiphospholipid syndrome, neuropathy and Raynaud's as well. She put me on IVIG infusions and it performed miracles. I'm able to be up as long as I want and I can walk further than I've been able to in years. Her specialization in my conditions has really been helpful. She made me feel worlds better. She's an amazing person and an amazing doctor.

-EB, Elizabeth, CO


My daughter spent the middle of her senior year of high school in bed. After several months of no answers, she was diagnosed with POTS, EDS and possible MCAS. With appropriate treatment and medication, she slowly went back to school, graduated and will be a Freshman at the University of Denver in the fall. As a mom, it is scary to send your child to college in a different state. As a mom of a sick child, it is absolutely TERRIFYING to send your ill child to college in a different state. When we were able to get an appointment with Dr. Schofield, I felt like we had won the lottery. While we had to wait many months, it was worth it because her reputation to treat and monitor my daughter's condition was exactly what we needed. Dr. Schofield and her office offered more than her PCP was able to provide and more than her neurologist at the Mayo Clinic was able to provide. We were lucky that our journey has been shorter than most patients. One of the reasons we were able to get an appropriate diagnosis and treatment was the work done by Dr. Schofield and other doctors who spend the time necessary to properly treat their patients and share the information with others in the medical community. We were only mismanaged by 3 doctors (and several nurses and office staff) while we searched for why, almost overnight, our daughter went from being an active 17 year old to barely being able to get out of bed and needing a wheelchair to go further than 5 feet. Our situation is mild compared to other patients. So many patients who were desperate for answers have finally found comfort and care from Dr. Schofield

-KA, Oklahoma

My 12-year old daughter with POTS, gastroparesis and complex regional pain syndrome refractory to pain medications has a pediatric specialist for nearly every system. Bitten by a mosquito 4 years ago, she her dysautonomia has declined in spite of the viral infection that presented "mildly" with meningitis and encephalitis. My own exceptional rheumatologist referred me to Dr. Schofield after I explained to him over several visits my daughter's situation. At the time, it took 3 months to get an appointment. Our appointment was scheduled the day of the big March blizzard. We drove down the night before, as we live in the mountains, and stayed at a hotel to be sure not to miss our appointment. Dr. Schofield connected immediately with my daughter who had grown to believe over the last four years that no doctor could help her. All we needed was a simple skin biopsy that every other pediatric physician we saw could have performed but failed to believe was important to my daughter's condition. Exercise and salt, unfortunately cannot cure autoimmune small nerve fiber neuropathy that is causing the POTS, gastroparesis and CRPS. In 2 visits with Dr. Schofield we made more progress than with the 15+ other physicians and 25+ visits who failed to read the most current literature that I brought with me to every visit. Dr. Schofield spoke the language of the articles I had researched. The importance and urgency of the medical services Dr. Schofield provides is beyond all measure to the families who have struggled for months and years with other providers. The fact is that there are precious few physicians that are the caliber of Dr. Schofield and can treat with compassion and intelligence these autoimmune conditions. One mosquito has ravaged the life my daughter who lives in constant pain that may only be impacted through IVIG and early treatment of the autoimmune autonoimc neuropathy that only Dr. Schofield has experience with.

-SM, Pine, CO


I was diagnosed with POTS by Children's Hospital Cardiology in 2013 at the age of fifteen. Though they were able to identify my condition, they did not have anyone on staff who treated it. After struggling with dysautonomia symptoms for years, my mother found Dr. Jill Schofield on Dysautonomia International. She is an amazing research doctor who is greatly needed to treat a condition that is slowly gaining awareness, but lacks physicians. Under Dr. Jill's care, I now spend the majority of my days feeling like a normal teenager again. This fall I will attend Johns Hopkins University where I hope to make a similar difference in the lives of others.

-CS, Centennial, CO

Not only is Dr. Schofield a knowledgeable physician, her compassion for patients is unequaled. With the complex conditions each of us face, some of which present life-threatening aspects, having a physician ally who is willing to help her patients clearly understand their condition and care plan, seek out resources and be abreast of the latest treatment options is vital for a positive outcome. Dr. Schofield has provided that medical lifeline to me and so many others.

-LW, Aurora, CO

I know many of Dr. Schofield's patients have expressed how much they value her; I have only seen her the once thus far, but I left feeling, for the first time in many years, like I wasn’t totally alone. That feeling is invaluable to ill patients with complex, rare diseases. It is hard for patients with complex diseases like mine

(antiphospholipid syndrome, Sjogren's syndrome, stroke/dissection, neuropathy, POTS) to find providers willing to not only look at the big picture, but who treat us with patience and respect. Dr. Schofield is frankly a unicorn.

-KH, Littleton, CO

I have never met a physician as knowledgeable about my conditions as Dr. Jill Schofield. Not only did I appreciate her advocating for me and making sure I received proper care, but she also made me feel as though she would always continue to search for more options to help improve my quality of life. I have been ill for 20 years and I have met my fair share of physicians who did not seem interested in helping me. Dr. Schofield is worlds above the average physician. She is incredibly compassionate toward her patients' experiences and she works to figure out which minor details other physicians may not have found, which may help regarding treatment. She was even able to find concrete evidence of my illnesses when other physicians could not, by doing biopsies and additional bloodwork that most physicians don't even know to run when looking for certain disorders.  Dr. Schofield works hard to make sure her patients are getting the most they can out of what medicine has to offer. She truly embodies what it means to be an excellent physician.

-KG, Parker, CO


Dr. Schofield is so knowledgeable that I am beyond grateful for her care. She has found reasons for health ailments which no other doctor over the years diagnosed. She is a remarkable healthcare provider, kind, extremely good at explaining everything and literally a godsend in my healthcare team.  

-MG, Aspen, CO

Dr. Schofield is wonderful.  She took all the time necessary to review my test results and explained what each result meant.  She offered multiple treatment options and explained in specific detail the difference between my choices.  She advised me in detail which option was best and why based on my diagnosis and never put pressure on me to choose one before I left my appointment.  She expressed concern for my health as a whole and not just my diagnosis. Dr. Schofield was open minded to my critical thinking as to what may have caused my disorder and never dismissive of my problem solving mind.  I’m in good hands.

-RN, Louisville, CO

Dr. Jill Schofield, within a short period of time, knew what my diagnosis was, after seeing numerous doctors who gave me at least 9 different diagnoses. She is extremely intelligent, very good with patients, explains everything in a way you can understand, suggests what to do to help and I've already ordered a book she recommended.

-PS, Boulder, CO


After many years and specialists not being able to help me, she quickly suspected and confirmed I had POTS (something a previous cardiologist didn't want to test for). Her accurate diagnosis and treatments have dramatically improved my health.

-EH, Littleton, CO

After a several year search for answers to my debilitating symptoms and confusing clinical picture, I was lucky enough to find Dr. Schofield. Within a couple of months of a thorough workup she was able to diagnose me and had me on a treatment plan with IVIG amongst other recommendations to manage my disease. After 7 months of treatment under Dr. Schofield my labs, function and quality of life have dramatically improved.

-NB, Aurora, CO

Dr. Schofield has taken such good care of my sister and I.  She was able to find things out that other doctors could not figure out for me for so many years.  IVIG has saved my life.  I’ve had so many doctors and she is by far the best. Me and all her other patients are so lucky to have her.  

-AY, Littleton, CO


Dr. Schofield was the best doctor that my daughter has seen in our 20 year journey with her illness. My daughter was also helped more by her than any other specialist. She has been seen by the Mayo Clinic as well as other doctors around the country and Dr. Schofield has always been the most attentive and helpful. She thought "out of the box" and actually did testing that no other doctor had performed which gave us some added diagnosis and more understanding into her illness.

-SL, Ft. Collins, CO


Without Dr. Schofield I would still be having migraines every day.  She figured out what was causing them and has changed my life so much!  She is a life saver!  She is the best doctor and my favorite doctor!

-EY, Littleton, CO


The “invisible illness community” is extremely lucky to have Dr. Schofield fighting alongside and for us!  We all struggle daily with our “individual invisible illnesses,” but they don’t define us.  It is the way we live with them and the energy we put out to others that makes the most impact.  I am thankful to Dr. Schofield for believing in me and running all the right tests. The difference and impact she has made in my life has been immeasurable!

-CT, Aurora, CO

After years on the trial and error carousel, Dr. Schofield was so knowledgeable, explaining the multitude of symptoms and problems my daughter was experiencing. Successful treatment has been life changing, allowing her to resume activities she hasn't been able to participate in for years.

-MD, Broomfield, CO


Dr. Schofield is extremely knowledgeable, with an incredible amount of expertise and understanding in the world of dysautonomia and autonomic conditions and has a huge heart and desire to help her patients dealing with these types of complex conditions to regain their quality of life back. She is very personable, compassionate, and truly cares for her patients, fighting for and with them to obtain needed treatment that will truly provide relief, which is an unfortunate rarity these days in the medical profession.

-DC, Colorado Springs, CO


Dr. Schofield has given me new hope. I have searched for seven years for someone like Dr. Schofield who could understand what I am going through and actually help me.  I have seen and/or consulted with four rheumatologists, none of which offered any assistance.  I will follow Dr. Schofield wherever she goes!

-SS, Englewood, CO


Until I met Dr. Schofield, I had self-diagnosed EDS, but no acknowledgement by a medical doctor that I was correct.  I’ve spent a lifetime of suspecteing the physical difficulties I have experienced since birth must in some way be related.  I’ve not had anyone except a wonderful psychiatrist concur. As a child, I was locked in the bathroom for hours as my parents thought I was not having bowel movements in order to get attention.  That I could not sleep was trying for parents with five other children. I lost a wonderful husband because I was not able to sleep or live in the same house with another human being due to my inability to block sound.  In my wide reading and research, I only recently discovered Ehlers-Danlos and felt that at last so many things made sense. My life has been extraordinary. But also extraordinarily difficult due to the mental and physical difficulties that I “came with.”  Additionally, most of the medical people I’ve seen believed my many of my problems were psychosomatic. Dr. Schofield listened to me and vindicated me! It has been a lonely journey getting to this diagnosis. I am truly grateful to her, so much so that I don’t know how to express it.  I am grateful for her kindness, attention and healing demeanor.

-SB, Denver, CO


I have sincere gratitude for Dr. Schofield’s remarkable care.  Unfortunately, a large number of so-called rare diseases are improperly diagnosed and treated, leaving patients like myself incapacitated for many years without resolution.  I am thrilled that I sought out Dr. Schofield’s innovative treatment, which has played a vital role in my recovery from severely disabling symptoms. Each day I am feeling better and am able to do more and after over a decade of wasted years, I am now enrolled in an online post-graduate course.  I can’t thank Dr. Schofield enough for her invaluable care and the unique gift she is to her patients.

-DR, Washington


Dr. Schofield is an Angel of Healing.  To call her The Best Doctor Ever is actually a bit of an understatement, but it’s the closest approximation given the limitations of our clumsy English language.  I can’t thank her enough for all the time, effort and expertise she has devoted to my case. I don’t know where I would be without her. She is an immeasurable blessing in my life.

-AB, Castlerock, CO


Dr. Schofield is AMAZING, compassionate, selfless and wicked smart!!  There are so many who have been blessed by having her in their lives and I am eternally grateful to her.  She has fought for me and most importantly she believes me!!

-SS, Colorado Springs, CO


We are truly grateful to Dr. Schofield.  She has taken AMAZING care of our girls and has gone above and beyond with their care.  Our girls have suffered for years before seeing her. She has figured out things that no one else could or would and has given them the medications and treatments necessary to give them their lives back!  She is next level AMAZING and we love her!!!

-AY, Littleton, CO