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Words from our patients

  • Vitals

    "Dr. Schofield’s knowledge of these debilitating diseases is profound. She has changed me and my daughter’s quality of life with her treatments."

    M.M., Evergreen, CO
  • "Since being under Dr. Schofield's care, she has prescribed two medications for me which have resolved most of my symptoms -- I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!"

    B.E., Centennial, CO
  • "I had no idea...that I had antiphosphoslipid syndrome...It was Dr. Schofield that ran all the tests and worked very hard with me to get everything under control."

    M.M., Arvada, CO
  • "Having names and reasons to explain the host of symptoms after having been doubted...is EVERYTHING!...She has gifted me with relief...optimism, a sense of purpose."

    K.B., Littleton, CO
  • "I have been to 13 Rheumatologists and Neurologists in the UK, US and Thailand. After two years of searching, I finally found someone who put the answer together."

    S.T., United Kingdom
  • "I was bedridden 3 years prior to receiving care from Dr Schofield, and now am starting to resume normalcy after 8 months of immunotherapy."

    -J.R., Thornton, CO
  • "That patience and insight...is what sets Dr. Schofield apart...She works in concert with her patients to come up with a plan..."

    K.B., Denver, CO
  • "...She is truly amazing...and is the only doctor who was successful at diagnosing...our son is now seeing functional improvements...permitting him to have a good life."

    R.K., South Dakota
  • "Dr. Schofield's treatment changed my life...I went from being bedridden for years...to being able to have a normally functioning life..."

    S.I., Highlands Ranch, CO
  • "Dr. Schofield is THE BEST doctor I have ever met...Dr. Schofield has improved my dysautonomia in such a way that I am now able to be alone...I owe my life to her."

    B.T., Broomfield, CO
  • "After struggling with dysautonomia symptoms...I now spend the majority of my days feeling like a normal teenager again..."

    C.S., Centennial, CO
  • Dr. Schofield has taken such good care of my sister and I. She was able to find things out that other doctors could not... she is by far the best."

    A.Y., Littleton, CO
  • “Dr. Schofield is an intelligent, caring, physician that took the time to LISTEN and cared enough to check out treatments that helped me get out of my wheelchair..."

    C.R., Colorado Springs, CO
  • "...Dr. Schofield found that I have antiphospholipid syndrome, neuropathy and Raynaud's as well. She put me on IVIG infusions and it performed miracles."

  • "After thousands of wasted dollars, hundreds of tests, dozens of doctors, and years with absolutely nothing to show...I can finally day I found answers with Dr Schofield.

    C.H Denver, CO
  • "Dr Schofield has single handedly saved my life. After 5+ years of being bed ridden and seeing 30 doctors and with no change in my health....

    S.V., Denver, CO