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Some patients with COVID-19 are experiencing longer-lasting effects than expected and these patients have called themselves, “COVID long-haulers.” If you have been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and are experiencing prolonged multisystem symptoms such as severe fatigue, lightheadedness, fast heartbeat (tachycardia), headache or exercise intolerance, you may have a post-viral syndrome now known as Post-COVID Syndrome. At the Center for Multisystem Disease, Dr. Schofield treats immune-mediated diseases that affect the whole body. With her extensive background in challenging diseases, she’s the ideal doctor to help with post-COVID syndrome as we are learning that many of these patients have dysautonomia, mast cell activation or even autoimmunity that have been triggered by the virus. Learn how you can improve your symptoms after COVID-19 by calling our Denver office or using the online booking tool.

Post - COVID Syndrome

What is post-COVID syndrome?

Post - COVID Syndrome is a collection of symptoms that persist for two or more months following the initial infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Patients who have persistent multisystem symptoms for at least eight weeks, long after the expected end of their illness, have connected on social media, calling themselves “COVID long-haulers.”

This syndrome can be debilitating for many patients, which often leads to intense frustration, anxiety, and hopelessness. But, post-COVID syndrome is often very manageable with Dr. Schofield’s expert support and guidance.

Post-COVID syndrome requires a specialized treatment approach because it’s a completely different issue than acute COVID-19. In many cases, post-COVID syndrome has a unique cause that requires specific treatments that target the complications arising as a result of the initial infection.

What are the symptoms of post-COVID syndrome?

The symptoms of post-COVID syndrome often include:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Bodywide aches and pains
  • Breathing problems
  • Fast heartbeat/heart palpitations
  • Cognitive issues, including poor concentration
  • Intolerance of exercise
  • Lightheadedness when standing

Post-COVID syndrome symptoms can vary from day to day and from patient to patient.

Anyone can get post-COVID syndrome. If your acute COVID-19 illness was very mild or asymptomatic, you could still be vulnerable to post-COVID syndrome. Some patients who did not receive an official diagnosis of COVID-19 may still develop post-COVID syndrome symptoms later.

What causes post-COVID syndrome?

Medical experts are still learning what causes post-COVID syndrome because it’s a relatively new problem.

However, it appears that post-COVID syndrome is related to inflammatory triggers, including autonomic nervous system dysfunction, excessive mast cell activation, and autoimmunity in some patients.

This is similar to autoimmune reactions that may occur in some patients after mononucleosis or other infections, vaccination, concussion, surgery, or pregnancy.

How do you treat post-COVID syndrome?

At the Center for Multisystem Disease, Dr. Schofield focuses on the underlying cause of your post-COVID syndrome. She’s an expert in the treatment of autoimmune disease, mast cell activation syndrome and autonomic dysfunction (dysautonomia), which are proving to be common reasons for post-COVID syndrome.

Dr. Schofield emphasizes whole-body health, so she prescribes customized treatments to encourage recovery from the inside out. This may include medication, dietary counseling, lifestyle changes, stress reduction techniques, and other personalized care, in addition to the possible need for prescription medications.

If you have lingering symptoms after COVID-19 (or suspected COVID-19), don’t wait to get help for the underlying problem. Call the Center for Multisystem Disease to set up your appointment.